Famedia launched new website digiboardy.cz

Exactly a year after we launched the website famedia.cz we have another surprise for you. We are constantly expanding our portfolio, which already has over 400 areas and more are coming. Therefore, we have prepared a completely new web portal digiboardy.cz.

On the digiboardy.cz you can find a wide range of LED screens that are distributed around Prague's major traffic routes such as Wilsonova DC Street, Wilsonova ZC Street, Strakonická Street, 5.května Street, 5.května Street Bauhaus, Bohdalecká Street, Českomoravská Street, V Holešovičkách Street and Dobříšská Street.

We have full HD screens in popular shopping centres throughout Prague like Metropole Zličín, Arkády Pankrác, Atrium Flora, Letňany, Novodvorská Plaza, Palladium and Nový Smíchov.

Dynamic LED screens advertising is lately becoming increasingly popular because it´s not static and catches eye with its movement. The spots can also be change at any time, which is a definite advantage as you can in a few minutes upload any new ad. More about the benefits of technology or references of companies that have had already advertised with us on the LED media can be find on the new website digiboardy.cz

Digiboardy.cz are designed such way to provide you with the maximum of informations about the offered services. Looking for the advertising spaces and possible purchase will be even easier now.

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