Famedia redesigned their website

New design and services more articles and few new tweaks to ease the purchase of the areas. This is just a little bit of the novelties that await you on our redesigned website, which we launched in January 2014.

Famedia.cz now has more sophisticated operations - that means more intuitive surface and client help. Our website is full of new information, especially about the services that we offer. These services include online marketing, creating websites and graphic design and production services.

Apart from the already mentioned upgrades you can also see how our team looks like and to get to know with whom you will deal. In the News section you can read which companies have advertised with us already, what's new in the OOH campaign and what is currently on our advertising spaces.

The product catalogue is against the original version easier to orientate in, you can also find there more information about the areas and photos. A unique new feature is also chat. Whenever you need help with anything, write your question in the chat window and immediately someone will contact you and answer your request.

We also can´t forgot to mention the "last minute" advertising spaces, which are now very popular. Every month you can find a lot of last minute offers - from the bigboards to wallscapes, all at discounted prices.

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