MARKETING & MEDIA: Overview: the first half of the year was better than the previous

The first half of this year was in my oppinion much busier than the last year. Mainly small and medium-sized clients invested their funds in the outdoors advertising. Also increased the number of clients who are able to flexibly and quickly react to the last minute offers. Thanks to the online connection with our partner networks clients can on our website look up the vacant spaces and react to them immediately. Previously they were dependent on the offer that the vendor sent them and before they could orientate themselves in it all selected areas were sold.

It was even more difficult if they contacted more companies. On the other hand, during our regular market monitoring we noticed far less campaigns of large companies which were directed by big media network agencies. And those who implemented the campaign were more interested in the price and attitude of the vendor. Thanks to that we managed to get our advertising spaces to these large companies which contributed to the overall satisfaction.

We've noticed a lot less campaigns of large companies.

Small or average clients were interested mainly in cheap bigboards while major clients bought mosty double bigboards, on which we are able to instal full sized paper poster, thus saving tens of thousands on production costs. Interest in digiboardu was significantly smaller, but in the current moment we are preparing better price conditions. Wallscapes were still used mostly for long term rents. The biggest interest in advertising spaces was in the area of ​​Prague, Brno and Ostrava.

Unfortunately even in the past six months we have not met with interest from any big media agencies. If we don´t show our offer to the clients on our own they are unaware that this kind of  alternative exists. An all of this happens while our classical formats like bigboard and double bigboard cost up to 30% lower than the average net net price. Not to mention the exclusive wallscapes like the largest illuminated advertising space in Prague on highway or our 335 m2 large wallscape at the airport of Václav Havel.

Regarding the transfer of budgets from other media types, we didn´t experience any client who would came to us with the budget specified for example for television.

Filip Antonín, CEO of Famedia


Source: Marketing & Media, 32nd-33rd Edition Praha, Economia, Inc., 5/8 2013, p. 24

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