Filip Antonín

CEO Famedia


1. What were in your thoughts when you went to bed yesterday?

Why must the holidays be in the middle of the week?


2. What was your first thought this morning?

That I have to send Maruška the questionnaire that I promised her yesterday.


3. Are you an optimist or a pessimist?

An optimist :-) At least most of the time.


4. What do you love on people?

It varies according to people. At every human being there is something for which you can love them. Someone has nice teeth or voice, someone is nice or smart, but generally I love people´s creativity and ingenuity.


5. How many ads have you seen today? Which was the best?

I haven´t seen not lot of ads today, since it´s just small distance between where I live and my office and there are no ads in tunnel or Prague 6. But yesterday I saw a television ad for Budweiser Budvar and that I really liked.


6. Without which brand you can´t imagine your life?

Without the Sun, but so far no one has copyright on it :-)


7. What was the first thing you bought with your own money?

Watch. Back when I was about 9 years old and I watched over my mom´s stand with paintings at the Old Town Square. I sold a couple of them and with the rewarded I was given I went to Tchibo and bought my first watch. It´s a habbit that lasted to these days.


8. Has the Czech Republic already seen the golden days of the advertising or are they yet to come?

I never experienced it and probably never will, but I still hear about them from older colleagues :-) apparently it was enough to put up the advertising space and clients such as Marlboro or Peagas and Eurotel could beat each other fo who gets it even though they were 10 times more expensive than today :-)


9. Have you invested lately into something luxurious?

Last week I bought a new watch from the brand Longines. But from my perspective, it's quality, not a luxury thing.


10. In what position you're reading a magazine Marketing & Media?

Normally while sitting in the office. :-)


Source: Marketing & Media, 19th edition, Praha, Economia, Inc., 6.5. 2013, p. 38

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