The largest backlighted advertising space adorns the Prague 5.května Street highway

Famedia company has in its portfolio the largest backlighted advertising space in the Czech Republic, and as the only media agency can offer its clients this exclusive area.

The wallscape is located on one of the Prague highways at the 5.května Street in the direction to the city centre. The board´s size of 100x9 meters and its usable area is 900 m2.

Campaigns on this surface will notices every driver who passes around it both in the direction from and to the city centre. The board dominates surroundings and thus, unlike the other formats placed there, manages to gain people´s attention.

5.května Street serves as the main direct to Prague from the D1 motorway in the direction from Brno. D1 is the highway with the biggest traffic in the Czech Republic and to that corresponds to the number of cars that passes through the conjunction.

The wallscape is backlighted, which ensures its excellent visibility throughout the day and night. Clients especially appreciate the backlights in the winter months when it gets dark very early and their advertising is thanks to that visible even at rush hour.

In this particular space is because of the noise reduction maximum speed set on 50 km / h, and therefore there is a high traffic density. According to data obtained from TSK Prague through this place passes around 90,000 cars every day which of course cause often traffic jams.

This exclusive advertising space use for their presentation large and well known companies and political parties like Bomton, political party ANO, periodic journal 5 + 2 dny, Agrofert Holding, Inc., LAMA mobile or shopping centres such as Centrum Černý Most or Shopping center Chodov. The advertising campaigns on this lucrative wallscape perfectly represent the company that On the wallscape can be of course added extensions if the client has a wish for it. This way can be from the classic wallscape created and unusual advertising space which, as is clear from the research on the effectiveness of OOH, is the most interesting type.

The target group for campaign on this wallscape are mostly drivers, but also passengers of public and long-distance buses. Near the wallcape is also a petrol station, shop Baumax, office buildings and car service. So if you want your ad targeted on the widest sort of people advertising on the largest illuminated wallscape in the Czech Republic is for you the best choice.

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