Mobil Pohotovost on large formats in Prague

Mobil Pohotovost, a specialist in mobile phone sales, decided to use a premium advertising banners in Prague for its March campaign. One of them was a double bigboard located on Liberecká Street in the direction to the city centre. The great advantage of this area is its location on a busy Prague traffic route and the lighting that ensures visibility even in the evening hours.

The main target of the campaign was to promote the new products in the company's offer, namely the Samsung Galasy S24 Ultra mobile phone and the Watch6. The company chose several central areas around Prague, especially on the main thoroughfares, to ensure maximum reach for its new advertising.

The double bigboard, which can be seen in the photo, combines two classic billboards placed side by side. Thanks to the larger size, it is able to attract a bigger target group. In addition, it has a professional look and feel, which can strengthen the brand image and win the trust of customers.

Mobil Pohotovost Service Centres not only provide sales services, but also offer the possibility of selling old equipment and professional service care.

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